Husqvarna Automower Challenge - Day 0

I'm not a gardener, nor do I pretend to be, but I do like cool technology and when I saw the Husqvarna Automower® I was intrigued.

When they accepted me to take part in the automower challenge I was somewhat surprised; I guess I'm not the normal target market for these things but what is, effectively, a grass-cutting robot is right up my street.

Day 0

I can't really call this Day 1, as I don't have the Automower® yet. Today someone from my local Husqvarna dealer, MacGregor Groundcare, came out to survey 'my garden' (and entertain the dog!), which I expect was selected as one of the larger spaces in the challenge.

Firstly, I'm not some laird with loads of land (if I was, I probably wouldn't need to get a free lawnmower) rather I'm a tenant in a lovely little cottage here until my former home in Glasgow is sold and this parcel of land is a private estate.

The estate has very kindly agreed to allow my participation in this challenge (after all, if it cuts the grass well it saves them a job) and I look forward to taking the Automower with me to the next place, which will have a bigger garden than my postage stamp in Glasgow - if not the size of this!

So, 5,000 m2 ... let's see if the Automower 450X lives up to expectations...

Full disclosure: I am participating in a competition that means, in exchange for reviewing these, I do receive a free unit. It does not, however, mean that I'm biased. I will be posting my experience of this little robotic critter over the coming months.

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